NG Businesses

Indervon Petroleum Pty Ltd Fuel/Oil Distribution

The Ngaanyatjarra Communities purchased this Alice Springs fuel distributorship in 1986. Its objective is to supply bulk petroleum and lubrication products throughout Alice Springs and surrounding areas, from the Queensland border in the east, to Marla in the south and to Elliott in the north. Its high standard of service delivery and viability is dependent upon continuing community support and increased new customers.

Indervon Petroleum Pty Ltd is owned by Ngaanyatjarra Communities and acts as the trustee of Indervon Trust. The Alice Springs site on the North Stuart Highway is split into two divisions. The roadhouse fuel retail outlet has general roadhouse goods, accessories for customers convenience, oils etc. The Depot has bulk fuel storage facilities and operates several large road train tankers to supply bulk fuel to remote communities and pastoral stations as required.

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Ngaanyatjarra Agency & Transport Services (NATS)

Ngaanyatjarra Agency and Transport Services (NATS) was established in Perth in 1984 to handle the requirements of all Ngaanyatjarra Community stores and to provide them with a regular bulk delivery service from the NATS Perth warehouse direct to each of the community stores.

NATS is a unit trust-based enterprise, owned by all Ngaanyatjarra Communities as unit holders. NATS owns a large warehouse complex at 254 Welshpool Road, Welshpool, in Perth, Western Australia. The warehouse stocks a vast range of wholesale items. From its Perth warehouse NATS operates a regular weekly (alternate dry and freezer) bulk truck freight service transporting all kinds of goods and equipment to the Ngaanyatjarra Community Stores and Warehouses. NATS’ primary function is to provide community stores with high quality, nutritious food at reasonable prices, including fruit, vegetables, dairy products and a full range of grocery items. The supply of these commodities is a major factor in improving community health standards on the Ngaanyatjarra Lands. Warehouse mark-ups are around 6%, except there is no mark-up on fruit and vegetables

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