About Kanpa

Pira-Kata is more commonly referred to as Kanpa. It is located in relatively close proximity to Warburton Community and many Warburton residents come out to Kanpa to go hunting and to camp out for a night or two.  Kanpa is recognised and equipped to act as an “outreach” site for vulnerable young people who are involved in the justice system and/or substance abuse (Kanpa Substance Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation Facility). The community supports young people who require accommodation, diversion and support away from urban centres whilst on parole, undertaking community service and who are court-referred or self-referred. Kanpa does not have a school campus or a health clinic and is predominately used for law and justice issues, diversionary programs and substance abuse respite.  In 2006 the community became incorporated as Pira-Kata Community Aboriginal Corporation and became an official member community of Ngaanyatjarra Council.

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